Published by Josee & Deb on Nov 19, 2018

November is Make-a-Will Month. The Ontario Bar Association's Speaker's Bureau is presenting learning sessions on the importance of having a will and powers of attorney for you and your family. Lawyers... Continue reading

Navigating rising rates

Published by Custom Financial Services Inc. on Jul 31, 2018

Ensure your household budget measures up in the face of rising interest rates.   For years, interest rates in Canada have been at record lows allowing for affordable borrowing through mortgages, car loans... Continue reading

Estate planning in the cyber age

Published by Josee & Deb on Jun 22, 2018

With more and more Canadians conducting their daily business online - from banking and business meetings to shopping and hailing a cab - it should be no surprise that digital assets are increasing. Read... Continue reading

Are you a millennial entrepreneur?

Published by Josee & Deb on Apr 24, 2018

If you're a millennial who is considering starting your own business, or if you've already taken the leap into entrepreneurship, you're in good company. Read this article to learn how your peers are achieving... Continue reading

Pension income splitting versus spousal RRSPs

Published by Josee & Deb on Feb 28, 2018

Pension income splitting can be a great way to reduce taxes. Couples can split their income once their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) become Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs). Read... Continue reading


Published by Custom Financial Services Inc. on Jan 30, 2018

Deciding whether to put your savings into an RRSP or a TFSA can be a struggle. Watch this video for some help figuring it out.     March 1, 2018 is the deadline to contribute to an RRSP for the 2017 income... Continue reading

Season's greetings and heartfelt thanks

Published by Josee & Deb on Dec 22, 2017

As we enjoy the holidays we would like to wish you season's greetings and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.    We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your financial needs... Continue reading

2017 Year-end tax planning tips

Published by Josee & Deb on Nov 27, 2017

As December 31st is quickly approaching, it's a good time to look at some tax planning that needs to be implemented prior to year end. Here's a list of tax tips to keep in mind. ... Continue reading

Estate planning 101

Published by Josee & Deb on Oct 30, 2017

Estate planning isn't just for the affluent - it's for all those who want to protect the people they love and the assets they've worked so hard to build.   In simple terms, estate planning is the process... Continue reading

The family dollar juggling act

Published by Josee & Deb on Sep 29, 2017

For parents, daily life can seem like a juggling act. Adults in the family have a schedule, priorities and commitments. Kids have a schedule, priorities and commitments. Sometimes they match up. Often... Continue reading